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Have you ever thought of trying Sequence Dancing to stay fit and active. There will be a Sequence Dance Club near you where you will be welcomed to a friendly atmosphere.  The Wey Valley Sequence Dance Association is a group of Sequence Dance Clubs which have joined together to promote sequence dancing in the Wey Valley area.

We meet when necessary at the Normandy Village Hall, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Surrey, GU3 2DD, and Clubs within a 30 mile radius of Ash Centre may join.

We also have a financially attractive group insurance policy which member clubs may join.

Even if you are not in our area and would like to try Sequence Dancing there will be a Sequence Dance Club near to you that you could join.

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Location of Normandy Village Hall

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The January Selected Dance is Rumba Mounda

The February Selected Dance is the Charnwood Cha Cha Cha